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Custom Gardens

All gardens, backyards, and patios look different and require specialized arrangements because of the unique nature of our clients' houses. We think that this is what makes our urban farming service unique. We work with you to build a garden that suits your house, your space, your style, and your needs.

The boxes shown on our website are not the only options available to our clients. We cater to modern styles, rustic and cottage looks, rolling options, elevated options, etc. Often times we don’t even install the garden box because our clients already have existing boxes that just need some help. Whatever the case, we're here to help.

During your initial one hour consultation, we will determine your specific needs, including:

  • best location at your home for an edible garden
  • garden box styles
  • soil requirements
  • produce you're interested in growing
  • irrigation and maintenance needs
  • considerations for children or pets
  • budget & timeline
  • any other questions or concerns you may have