Photo by Seannie Bryan

Photo by Seannie Bryan

Photo by Seannie Bryan

about us

Urban Farms LA was born with the goal of empowering people to take their health into their own hands. Literally.

The way we see it, growing your own food is the ultimate form of self- sufficiency. To be able to dig your hands in the soil, work the land, and end up with delicious fruits and vegetables is a truly gift from this magical planet. Through urban farming, we want to help people reconnect with the earth, take charge of their health, spend more time outdoors and fight climate change in their own backyards. The benefits of urban farming are endless.

To help people reap all of these benefits (and more), Urban Farms LA designs, installs and maintains edible, organic gardens built specifically for you. We work with you to a design a garden that fits the look and feel of your home and then install it and do regular maintenance. If you are someone who knows nothing about growing produce but is looking for a positive lifestyle change, we will help you get started. If you are an avid gardener but need some support, we can help spruce up your garden as well. We provide hands on gardening lessons, but if you are more of a hands- off gardener, we can do the maintenance for you. If you have dogs that like to dig up your yard, we can work around that as well. All of your quirks can be accommodated because as long as you have a sunny spot, we will do our best to build you a garden. 

In the past year, our passions have grown. Although we were originally focused on growing edibles, we now also help our clients with general garden maintenance. We work with ornamental plants and especially love to assist our clients with installing California Native plants. These plants improve soil health, attract native species of pollinating insects and birds, and grow easily because they are naturally suited to our distinct California climate. California native plants pair perfectly with an organic edible garden.

If you want to set up a consultation, shoot us an email:

XO, Sophie (UFLA founder)

About our graphics: Our logo, illustrations and overall theme was designed for us by the extremely talented Kelly Malka. Check out more of her work here, or here.